12 Days.

12 Challenges.

12 Prizes.

Welcome to #12DaysofNikon

Unleash your creativity with #12DaysofNikon and capture a different perspective this Christmas. Each day we, along with some help from our Nikon UK Ambassadors and friends, will set a new #Challenge to be interpreted by you and your lens. Share your festive images with us on social media for your place in the gallery below, plus the chance to win some exclusive prizes and see your work exhibited in London. Up to the challenge? Check out how it works here:

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1. Upload your image

... to Nikon's official Facebook page or your Twitter, ensuring you tag the image with #12DaysofNikon and the relevant #Challenge for that day (you can also use Instagram and Google+).

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2. Find your submission

...by checking to see if you’ve made it into our photo gallery below. It will be up within 24 hours.


3. Share your image

... by clicking the 'Share' button on your image in the gallery. Your friends can then come back to vote for your image in the gallery and share it with their friends too. The image with the most votes wins the challenge. As well as this, we will also be awarding a ‘Nikon’s Choice’ award for each challenge, who will win a Nikon School Voucher and a place in our exhibition.